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LOS ANGELES, California, USA – Fond Doux Plantation & Resort’s commitment to excellence and environmental stewardship has been recognized with recertification by Green Globe for the fifth year.

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LOS ANGELES, California, USA – Fond Doux Plantation & Resort’s commitment to excellence and environmental stewardship has been recognized with recertification by Green Globe for the fifth year. Fond Doux Plantation continues to improve its sustainable performance through community initiatives, staff development programs and resource management improvements.

Eroline Lamontagne, co-owner of Fond Doux said, “We are extremely proud to again be certified as a Green Globe property. We’ve always believed that a resort property can offer an outstanding guest experience and do so in an environmentally sustainable way.”

Nestled in the heart of Saint Lucia, Fond Doux Plantation & Resort is an eco-friendly colonial resort which was originally established in 1742. The resort consists of fifteen private cottages, two restaurants and an organic spa situated amidst a 250 year old working plantation. Located within a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the plantation resort is only minutes away from the best beaches which are ideal for deep sea fishing, whale and dolphin watching, snorkelling and sunset sailing. Guests can explore numerous nature trails including the Gros Piton Hike, Tet Paul Nature Trail, Diamond Botanical Gardens and indulge in bird watching.

In line with its CSR initiatives, Fond Doux Plantation & Resort collaborated with the Reunion Primary School earlier this year and have been supporting the school through monetary donations that are utilized for the general upkeep of the school, special school activities and the underprivileged students. As part of the end of school term activities, the resort hosted the students of the Grade six class for a site visit and lecture on the importance of protecting the environment.

The plantation resort continues to meet the essential training needs of staff through in-house coaching activities as well as consultancy training programs. Staff benefit by gaining hospitality skills that, in turn, leads to a standard of excellence in customer service. Regular training in waste management, disaster management, and health and safety management is provided by the property.

In addition, an in-depth tour guide-training program was organized over eight weeks which covered flora, fauna, role and characteristics of a tour guide in Responsible Tourism, communication skills and customer service. The training program, designed to raise environmental awareness, will also enhance guests’ experience on the plantation tour.

The resort has embarked on many green initiatives for 2016 which includes resource saving strategies to reduce the property’s impact on the environment. Light bulbs at the property have been replaced with energy efficient LED lights to reduce electricity consumption.

“We’re proud that our commitment to excellence is being recognized by both guests and industry professionals,” said Fond Doux co- owner, Lyton Lamontagne. “We are continually challenging and rededicating ourselves to sustainable practices: this year cutting down on waste, energy and water usage while still delivering a memorable and authentic Saint Lucian experience for our guests.”

The Green Globe recertification follows on Fond Doux being recognized internationally as the America’s Best Sustainable Boutique Hotel at the World Boutique Hotel Awards in late 2015.

Green Globe je svjetski sustav održivosti zasnovan na međunarodno prihvaćenim kriterijima za održivo poslovanje i upravljanje putničkim i turističkim poduzećima. Djelujući pod svjetskom licencom, Green Globe ima sjedište u Kaliforniji, SAD i zastupljen je u preko 83 zemlje. Green Globe pridruženi je član Svjetske turističke organizacije Ujedinjenih naroda (UNWTO).

Zeleni globus član je udruge Međunarodna koalicija turističkih partnera (ICTP) .

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