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After six days of traveling, I felt lucky to escape with my life and limbs intact.

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After six days of traveling, I felt lucky to escape with my life and limbs intact. I am American (white male), and felt completely unsafe traveling anywhere while in Trinidad and Tobago, where I normally am confident that I can avoid dangerous situations, places, and people.

I traveled to try and see some of the world’s most amazing beaches, diving, and natural rain-forest beauty, birds and wildlife, but found that TT is violent, dangerous, and simply not a place any tourist should ever consider visiting in the near future, especially white tourists. It was the most unfriendly and subtlety racist country I have ever visited — there were no smiles. I had multiple well-meaning residents warn me to take special care.

You think Trinis and Trinbagonians would want more tourists! I saw very few tourists (who dared venturing outside the resort gates) even when I was in Crown Point and other supposedly high-tourist areas of Tobago.

Port-of-Spain should be avoided at all costs. It’s a nightmare and cess-pool to visit. I know what I’m talking about as I spent a week traveling in Trinidad and Tobago. I quickly came to realize that traveling by maxi taxi was best avoided, as was going anywhere at night.

The police, especially in Tobago, seemed to be for show. “Sunday School” was a joke — I left early as it seemed like an invitation to robbery and murder of anyone who looks like a tourist.

Flimsy doors, locks, and security etc. Pigeon Point, the premier beach, was basically deserted. I could go on and on. It’s not fun. Everyone, including locals seems afraid and wary, looking over their shoulders.

It’s overpriced (even though relatively affordable) for what you get. It’s too bad. Amazing coral reefs and other things, and then nothing seems to be done about protecting a vital industry — tourism.

The tourism industry is crumbling as I speak. After returning to Miami and going to South Beach, friendly, safe, and beautiful, I nearly kissed the ground.

If you like adventure, travel with 24-hour armed security, and live off-shore on your own secured yacht, sure, go but otherwise…don’t. Sorry, beautiful country, but unsafe at the moment.

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