Hoteli u Firenci udružuju se kako bi promovirali kongresne aktivnosti

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Florence Hotels are forming a common front to promote conventions.

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Florence Hotels are forming a common front to promote conventions. There are 39 hotels rated 3-, 4-, and 5-stars in the Tuscan capital that have decided to become partners of the Florence Convention Bureau (FCB). They represent almost 30% of the approximately 140 structures present in the standard medium-high class hotels located in the city center, more than 1 in f4, for a total of 3,500 rooms on the total 9,800 (36% overall).

All hotels, through a dedicated form of participation, will be promoted at the events that will be held in Florence. The initiative is set to offer a further opportunity for hotels to enter membership to FCB enjoying a parallel benefit to that of the shareholders, and a benefit from promotional services provided by the consortium, including the allocation acquired during the events, support actions, web marketing, access to promotional material, membership in joint initiatives and events, resulting in increased visibility during fairs, events, and advertising online and on paper.

According to the President of the Consortium of Confindustria Firenze Albergo, a large part of the city tax revenues could be allocated to the development of the congressual sector. Talks have been ongoing with the Deputy Mayor to verify such a possibility. This assumption (is stated) is plausible and legitimate, since the decree of reference grants the opportunity for interested organizations to participate in the definition of the modalities for the utilization of the funds derived from the tribute.

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