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Delegacija La Reunion pokazuje predanost kreolskoj kulturi

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A La Reunion delegation came out in full swing for the 2013 edition of Festival Kreol.

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A La Reunion delegation came out in full swing for the 2013 edition of Festival Kreol. Landing at Seychelles International Airport as a group on Wednesday, October 23, the largest delegation of culture representatives, artisans, and members of the business community said that they were ready to show what La Reunion and their own Creole culture had to offer to the Creole community of nations.

Despite their long flight to Seychelles via Mauritius, the delegation walked down from the plane with the true spirit of party goers. Headed by Didier Robert, President of the Regional Council of La Reunion, and Nassimar Dindar, the President of the General Council of La Reunion, were greeted as they stepped off the plane by Seychelles Vice President Danny Faure and Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture.

On that same flight landing in Seychelles was Agnes Ohsan Bellepeau, the Vice President of Mauritius, and Rose De Lima Edouard, the Rodrigues Island Commissioner for Culture. Apart from Vice President Danny Faure and Minister Alain St.Ange, the official welcoming party included Benjamine Rose, Principal Secretary of Culture; Genieve Iancu, the French Ambassador to Seychelles; and Calixe D’offay, the Seychelles Ambassador for the Indian Ocean Region.

“Artists and 40 businessmen in the field of renewable energy and in the field of production of goods have responded positively to be in Seychelles for Festival Kreol. The President of Seychelles, James Michel, has been particularly supportive to La Reunion’s contribution in the development of renewable energy in Seychelles. Both islands share a mutual vision for their nations to develop while being respectful of the conservation of the environment in all its ecological dimension,” Didier Robert said.

This year, Seychelles not only welcomed the biggest number of La Reunion artists in Festival Kreol but also a strong presence of dignitaries. La Reunion showcased their cultural, economic, and heritage attributes at Festival Kreol.

Madame Dindar also spoke about La Reunion’s role in the rehabilitation of Seychelles’ heritage sites; a project inaugurated during Festival Kreol was the “Bel Air Cemetery” renovation project.

“Our presence in Seychelles is an opportunity to inaugurate Seychelles’ heritage sites and give due recognition to Seychelles’ historical ties as a previous department of France and a colony of Great Britain,” Madame Dindar said.

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